Affordable  55 Retirement Communities in California
Affordable 55 Retirement Communities in California



California has many reasons to become the most populous state of U.S. California is one state in the U.S that has everything from mountains to seacoast, deserts to green forests, crowded cities to wilds. It could take years to see the entire state.
California like any other state has many top 55 retirement communities. The climate and its scenic beauty is what makes it special for. One of the disadvantages of California is the real estate price and the cost of living that is very high. Then again, spare time activities are extraordinary in this state with a Pacific Ocean coastline stretching from Mexico to Canada. The state has a population of 36.3 million people as of 2007. Some of the basic facts about best retirement places in California are mentioned below-
Top Three Affordable Places to Retire in California
Redding in California is a little undervalued since it is a retirement place. In comparison to other cities in California, Redding proffers reasonably priced houses. In Redding, you can buy a house for less than $300,000. In addition, there are many retirement societies having good living amenities. Redding is located in Sacramento Valley and surrounded with mountains and farms.
For a person who wishes to settle in a place with less crowd, traffic, and pollution, then Eureka in California is the best. Eureka is situated on the Northern California coast with beautiful landscape and moderate temperature. This place has both royal beaches and towering redwood trees and best suited for people who love nature. The average home price out here is only $206,000 that makes it the most affordable city in California.
- Murphys
If you want to settle with small-town surroundings, then Murphys in California would be ideal. The population out here is just above 2,000 so its momentous presence has been preserved. This town is a remarkable combination of past and the present that has Gold rush-era buildings, momentous hotels, and very tall trees, along with outstanding dining and entertainment. Because of this unusual mix this town has been named “Queen of the Sierra” and “One of the Top 10 Coolest Small Towns in America.” The average home price is about $400,000, Murphys is slightly more expensive than the other cities, however it is still lower than the California standards.

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